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Athens Bar Corbel & Narrow Islander Island Post
Athens Bar Corbel & Narrow Islander Island Post

Customer Jeff M. recently shared several photos of high quality projects he’s created using Osborne products on our company Facebook page. Jeff’s pictures are a tribute to how Osborneproducts, when used well, add the perfect, elegant finishing touch to any room or project.

First, Jeff shared a project he’d been working on: a beautiful bar with a counter supported by the Athens Bar Corbels(8020). What a great gathering place!

Athens Bar Corbel & Narrow Islander Island Post

Secondly, we see here Jeff’s kitchen island project. Jeff used the Narrow Islander Island Posts (1440) on the ends of the island and Athens Bar Corbels (8020) to support the counter of this beautiful piece.

Jeff’s final offering is a beautiful cabinet/bookshelf using Osborne square turning blanks with a slight taper at the bottom. Obviously, this project is missing the finishing touches, but the craftsmanship is unmistakable!

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