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183 Year Old Pine Table Top Supported by Osborne Legs

Country Squire Dining Table Leg
Country Squire Dining Table Leg

Our friends over at RVA Historicals do some amazing work! Today I’d love to share a recent dining table design that was created using 183 year old Virginia Heart Pine! Debra over at RVA Historicals gave us some background on this stunning table:

“Stunning custom 5′ by 5′ square table table delivered to new home in Chesterfield, VA. Each board on the top is 183 year old Virginia heart of pine, and is 2″ thick. Reclaimed from a house being restored in Church Hill. Even as old as the boards are, when we sand them they smell strongly of pine. The golden color in the photos on the top is actually the sap line; the heart of the tree.”

This stunning and historical table top was supported by the Osborne Country Squire Dining Table Leg (Part #1130). Debra told us that her customer specifically requested this table leg. What a perfect choice!? The Country Squire is turned from a beefy 5″ stock, offering plenty of strength and support for such a large table. The table leg also features turnings giving the profile a country rustic feel. As you can see, the final table is perfect!

Country Squire Dining Table Leg

Debra also told us, “Paired with this table are 8 refinished and newly upholstered 1870’s Victorian chairs stained to match the table. Love this table – our first square table and the widest table to date that we have constructed. I also adore the Osborne leg choice and upholstery choice of our customer!!” We couldn’t agree more! Beautiful job Debra! Thank you so much for sharing this project with us!

Are you looking for the perfect table legs for your Massive Farmhouse table? Be sure to check out some of the beefy popular 4″ and 5″ table legs at Osborne! The Country Squire is just one of the many beautiful turned options you can add to your design. Start building your farm table today!

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