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John’s Custom Woodworks Feature Osborne Components

Tapered (4-sided) Square Foot and Sapelo Round Bun Foot

One of the favorite items of furniture in my home is my bookcase. A bookcase is so much more than merely a few shelves. It is a home for adventure, information, and history. Some of the most amazing rooms are filled to the brim with books and decor, all in its proper place. Bookcases can also be functional. With custom units, these bookcases can transform from a home to a workspace. Adding desks, drawers, and other functional components can make each bookcase a solely unique design.

Today, I would like to feature a few custom bookcase units that really show how function and beauty can be elegantly combined! John’s Custom Woodworks created both unique units. Let’s take a look at what they created:

The first bookcase unit features the Osborne Tapered Square Foot (Part #4082). The tapered foot isn’t overly fancy or ornate, but it adds just the right dimension to this design! This simple, stylish and contemporary look complements the entire piece. Those feet look like they belong to that bookcase don’t they? This bookcase features a simple, modern style and is finished beautifully. The finish, when combined with the wood components and hardware, make for a beautiful custom design. I wouldn’t mind having a bookcase like this one in my home!

Tapered (4-sided) Square Foot and Sapelo Round Bun Foot

The second design by John’s Custom Woodworks features the Osborne Sapelo Round Bun Foot (Part #4113). Much like the tapered foot, this bun foot offers a simple, yet stylish design. The round profile adds delightful character to the piece without distracting the eye from the beauty of the entire design. This bookcase is also extremely functional, doubling as a desk with plenty of drawers for storage!

Were you inspired by John’s bookcase designs? Whether you are building a bookcase from the ground up or restoring an antique case, Osborne furniture feet are just what you need for the project. With a wide selection of furniture feet, Osborne offers endless possibilities for style combinations. Be sure to browse our full line of furniture and cabinetry feet for your next project!

Did you like what you saw from John’s Custom Woodworks? Be sure to request Osborne components for your design!

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