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Upcycled Spool Table

Everyone is after one-of-a-kind pieces now days; after all, what better way is there to show your own personal style and personality in your home?  And one of the best ways to get these unique pieces is through DIY projects and repurposing!

Our friend Jennifer over at Eight Hundred Furniture proved this yet again when they turned an old rustic spool into a pair of gorgeous tables.  She had bought the cable spool over a year ago at Antique Market, and had originally tried to keep it intact to sell.  Several people looked at the interesting table, but no one was buying it.  Finally, she decided to try something different.  She had gone to Haven Conference and met us at our booth, and seen our industrial black steel hairpin legs (part #411003).  It clicked instantly!  She split the spool into parts, keeping the two round ends and getting rid of the middle section.  With two sets of the hairpin legs, she began the work to turn the ends into matching tables.

Osborne’s  hairpin legs gave the cable spool reclaimed wood a very industrial vibe, and modern look to the vintage top.  Additionally, the legs have a 3 bracing system for support rather than the standard 2, making the leg weight-bearing and much more stable for the top.

Osborne carries a large line of Metal Table Legs which are perfect for unique applications.

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