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50 Inch Equalizer Slide – Ready for any Family Dinner Gathering

Customer Amy M. & her husband recently received a terrific combined birthday present: a handmade table designed and built by Amy’s father, James U. The hickory table, closed, is approximately 84 inches long x 48 inches wide. James wanted it to open to 120 inches for plenty of family gatherings & holiday meals, so Amy ordered a 50 inch equalizer slide with a 49 inch opening (9052) for the fixed base hickory table.

James has had a woodworking hobby since before Amy was born, and his craftsmanship and love of the hobby shows in these pictures submitted by Amy. He has also done other family projects including furniture and kitchen cabinets. However, we at Osborne Wood Products, Inc. are sure that this is the project that will be longest remembered and cherished by James’s family as they gather for many family meals to come.

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