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8/4 Oak Table Supported By Osborne Pedestals

Transitional Table Pedestal
Transitional Table Pedestal

The Osborne Transitional Pedestal base (Part #1173) is quickly becoming a fan favorite! Featuring a square turned profile and a modern design, this pedestal base easily shows off a designer style! Available at 22″ high, this pedestal base allows for creativity and craftsmanship. We just love to see what our talented customers decide to do with this piece!

Our friend Seth over at Kirchhoff Tables recently chose the Transitional Pedestal base for a table he was commissioned to build. In fact, Seth chose two pedestals to act as the strong support for an incredible 8/4 (2″) Red Oak Table.

Here’s what Seth told us about his design: “This hefty beauty is a 7′ x 3′ Red Oak Refectory Table. The base is assembled with a combination of pinned and wedged through mortise and tenon joints. The top is 8/4 (2″ thick) stock with drawbore M&T breadboard ends to keep everything tight and flat. As usual, the stain is a custom workup and the finish is several hand rubbed coats of oil based poly.”

Transitional Table Pedestal

As you can see, Seth expressed amazing craftsmanship in this design. Note the “added detail” Seth included to flawlessly frame the pedestal centers. Stunning work, Seth! Thank you so much for sharing your project with us!

Are you looking for the perfect table base for your “hefty” table top? Be sure to check out Osborne’s full line of pedestal centers and pedestal base kits! Start building your dream table today.

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