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Repurposed 5-Panel Door Makes Exquisite Dining Table

When you hear the word “repurpose” what comes to mind? “Going Green?” “Sustainability?” What about: “elegant home decor?” With the creativity and craftsmanship of our customers, repurposed and home decor easily and seamlessly make a perfect pair. Here’s a great example:… Continue Reading…

Two Sided Tapered Dining Table Leg

Repurposed 5-Panel Door Dining Room Table with Matching Bench

Kirchhoff Tables has created another amazing design! Seth K. of Missouri recently designed a repurpose dining table using an old 5-panel door. When the table was complete and ready to be added to the dining space, a matching bench was created… Continue Reading…

Two Sided Tapered Dining Table Leg

Matching Blackjack and Poker Table using Osborne Table Legs

Casey D. of Arizona gives us a sneak peek into his new and improved “man cave.” Casey started with an order of 4 Four Sided Tapered Dining Table Legs (Part # 1180) to create a custom blackjack table. The table turned out so… Continue Reading…

Four Sided Tapered Dining Table Legs & Two Sided Tapered Dining Table Legs

Simple Square Legs a Perfect Fit

For the woodworker who wants something very simple for his or her next project, consider simple Square Legs from Osborne Wood Products, Inc.! Available in dining table, coffee table, end table, and kitchen island heights, the legs come in all of our traditional wood types and widths from 2 1/2 inches to 4 inches. The legs have no design… Continue Reading…