Tapered Table Legs Perfect for Custom Side Table

There is an elegant simplicity in the square legs offered at Osborne Wood Products. From the square table legs, to the two and four sided taper legs, the modern appeal make these style legs the perfect choice for any table design. Tom T. of Taylor… Continue Reading…

Four Sided Tapered Dining Table Leg

Tapered Leg Table Features Osborne Table Legs

When building the perfect table for your home one of the first things you determine is the style. We are often asked, “what style legs would look best for my home?” At Osborne Wood Products we offer a wide variety of table… Continue Reading…

Four Sided Tapered Dining Table Leg

Repurposed 5-Panel Door Dining Room Table with Matching Bench

Kirchhoff Tables has created another amazing design! Seth K. of Missouri recently designed a repurpose dining table using an old 5-panel door. When the table was complete and ready to be added to the dining space, a matching bench was created… Continue Reading…

Two Sided Tapered Dining Table Leg