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Simple Square Legs a Perfect Fit

For the woodworker who wants something very simple for his or her next project, consider simple Square Legs from Osborne Wood Products, Inc.! Available in dining table, coffee table, end table, and kitchen island heights, the legs come in all of our traditional wood types and widths from 2 1/2 inches to 4 inches. The legs have no design… Continue Reading…

Square Island Legs Perfect for Contemporary Kitchen

When you think of Island Posts what comes to mind? Are they straight square legs standing strong to support your new countertop? Or are the posts turned with just the right amount of detail? At Osborne Wood Products we believe you should be able to… Continue Reading…

Square Islander Island Leg

Distressed Morning Bar using Osborne Hand Carved and Square Legs

Today, let’s take a look at a fascinating design brought to life by Weck Designs of Georgia. Weck Designs ordered one of the Osborne Peterson Island Legs (Part #2420) in Red Oak and one of the Basket Weave Island Posts in Red Oak (Part #1474). Both were finished… Continue Reading…

Basket Weave Island Post & Peterson Island Leg

Add Contemporary Style with Square Island Legs

Agata D. recently shared her kitchen photos and ideas with us here at Osborne. Agata created an “Easy 1 day project” to add functionality with a modern feel. Using an ikea kitchen island, 2 ikea countertops, ikea bar stools, square island… Continue Reading…

Square Island Leg

Kitchen island using Square Island Legs

When you walk into your kitchen how do you feel? Inspired? Delighted? If you aren’t getting these positive vibes, here’s a great way to get there: Unfinished wood components. Whether you are completely remodeling your kitchen or just sprucing up the… Continue Reading…

Peterson Island Leg