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A Beautiful Living Room Ensemble

Coffee Table Distant

Our friend Jeremy sent over some pictures of his newest projects that he’s been working on! Jeremy created a beautiful coffee table and end table that match wonderfully to each other and the rest of his family room! He chose the Shanty to Chic Coffee Table Legs to create his stunning coffee table and the Islander Dining Table Legsto make the perfect end table to match!

End Table

Jeremy first sent over pictures of his gorgeous coffee table that he created. The coffee table features the Shanty to Chic Coffee Table Legsthat are distressed and look absolutely amazing! He chose to use a dark finished top to go with the darker distressed parts of the legs. We think that this coffee table looks great! Jeremy informed us that he is not a professional but that he still wanted to share his work with us and everyone that reads our blog so that they can see his awesome work! “The tables really make the whole thing,” Jeremy says. “I  had a great experience working with you.”

While waiting on us to get to his feature, Jeremy worked quick enough to create a beautiful end table to match! We couldn’t believe how fast he worked and how beautiful it looked in the end. For the end table, Jeremy chose to use our Islander Dining Table Legs. The legs were a little too tall for the application when he received them so he cut them down by 2 inches and made them the perfect height for the table he wanted to create. We think Jeremy did a great job matching up the legs and creating two beautiful tables for his home!

Want to create tables like this for your home? Check out our Shanty to Chic Coffee Table Legs(Part # 1331) and the Islander Dining Table Leg (Part # 1150) now! Don’t want to create this exact look but want a matching ensemble? Check our wide variety of Dining Table Legs and Coffee Table Legs to find your perfect match!

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