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A Contemporary Farmhouse Table from Rogue Engineer

Square Farm Dining Table Leg
Square Farm Dining Table Leg

The farmhouse style dining table is a perfect addition to any home. By combining the quality craftsmanship and the unique character of each design, a farm table is truly and uniquely yours. At Osborne, we love the farm style table. In fact, we offer a wide variety of table legs specifically for farm tables. One of our newest additions to the farm style line is the Square Husky Farm Dining Table Leg (Part #1141). Delightfully combining the traditional farm style silhouette with a contemporary look and feel, this table leg is perfect for the modern home.

How do I build the perfect farm table using these square turned legs? Rogue Engineer offers a perfect DIY tutorial for an amazing farmhouse style table. Using the Square Husky Farm Dining Table legs, this tutorial makes the process seamless, and even offers images, diagrams, and a cut list to direct you each step of the way! Be sure to check out Rogue Engineer’s Farmhouse Dining Table by clicking HERE. And don’t forget to grab your own Square Dining Table legs and build your perfect farm style table!

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