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A Creative Application for the Husky Dining Table Legs

It’s no surprise that our Husky Dining Table Leg (Part #1109) is one of our most popular dining table legs. This stunning “chunky” farmhouse design is perfect for the modern day rustic, chic, or country style home. We love seeing this table leg in application, and checking out the fabulous farmhouse designs our customers come up with. Today, I’d like to share a particularly unique design that turns this popular dining table leg into a classic kitchen table design!

wooden dining trestle table

Our friend Daniel recently shared these photos with us of his trestle table build. Daniel is an incredible craftsman with a keen eye for detail. His creativity enabled him to design this trestle table that uniquely incorporates our Husky Dining Table Legs: flipped!

Daniel created two sturdy trestle bases for his design. These bases would soon be the support of four of our Part #1109. The two trestles are connected by a rail under the table, with cross pieces for added design. The full table is stained a dark walnut finish. The final product, as you can see, is absolutely amazing!

wood trestle table

What do you think of Daniel’s design? Could you see a trestle design like this in your home? Be sure to pick up your own Husky Dining Table Legs for your next creative table design!

See more of Daniel’s designs on his Facebook Page.

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