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A Farmhouse Table That Will Last A Lifetime

Square Farm Dining Table Leg
Square Farm Dining Table Leg

Today we want to share a gorgeous Farmhouse table that was created by our friend Jennifer! Jennifer designed this beautiful table using our Square Farm Dining Table Leg  and following the plans from our friends over at Rogue Engineer which you can check out HERE

Square Farm Dining Table Leg

Not only did Jennifer build a beautiful table, she also created some beautiful extensions to go on this table as well! Her table starts out at five feet and the extensions that she uses for this amazing piece make the table 8 FEET LONG! We just cannot get enough of how incredible this table is and the way she attaches her extensions is just awesome!

If you’re interested in creating your own Farmhouse table like Jennifer did, take a look at our Square Farm Dining Table Leg (Part # 1141). You can even take a look at the plans she used from Rogue Engineer as well. While you’re visiting their site, you can check out some of their other fantastic designs

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