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A Gorgeous Touch to Family Lake Cottage

Husky Farm Dining Table Leg
Roberta Tierney Table

Do you want to create a space where your family and friends can gather and fellowship with one another? Our friend Roberta did! She sent us over some pictures of the new farm house table she built for her family’s lake cottage, and man, are we in love!!

Roberta decided to use our Farm Dining Table Legs to add a nice homey touch to her project. She gave the legs a gorgeous whitewashed finish, and paired them with a 6ft butcher-block top finished with butcher-block oil. The contrast between the awesome white finish of the legs to the simple butcher-block top is just stunning! These two complement each other perfectly!

Roberta told us, “It fits perfectly and looks great. We are extremely pleased with the Osborne legs!” Well Roberta, all we have to say is great job!! We absolutely love this table, but even more than that we love that she loves it! This table is going to be the center of fun gatherings at their lake house for many years to come.

Do you have a project like this in mind? Are you getting table fever like we are? Shop our Farm Dining Table Legs (Part #1020) today and get started! Or try looking through our amazing collection of hand crafted dining table legs. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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