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A Heart Pine Table That Will Pull on Your Heart Strings

Table #1

We are absolutely in tears of joy from our last set of customer pictures we got. Our friend Lissa went through our custom orders process and worked with us in creating the design she envisioned. However, the amazing part about this table frankly isn’t our legs it’s the story behind them.

Lissa’s dad gave her some heart pine wood that he rescued from a renovation site about twelve years ago. However before they could do anything with it, he passed away. Because it was a beautiful gift from her father, the wood was very special to her, and she said she always wanted to do something special with it.  After renovating her kitchen and dining room last year, she realized her dining room needed a different table, so her husband suggested that they build a table out of her father’s wood.

Table #2

The top is a bread board style table. This allowed them to maximize every usable inch of the wood and also gave the table the rustic look they wanted. The top of the table is made from wood that was the floors of the building so it has tons of character! After researching for places that could turn the dining table legs from the posts her father gave her, Lissa came across Osborne Wood Products, Inc. She knew it was fate when her son-in-law told her that she should contact us for her custom turning. Lissa’s son in law married her daughter six years ago and made her a beautiful heart pine table as a wedding gift. He actually had Osborne turn the legs for him. We custom designed the legs from a photo she sent us, and now we have gotten to be a part of the building process for two of their family tables.

We love that we had the privilege of helping your family create something special. These tables will be family heirlooms for many years to come. Although we love making our products and promoting them, we love helping people make memories more.

Do you have a custom project in mind, or a story similar to Lissa’s? Check out our selection of amazing hand crafted products today, and start building something your family will enjoy for generations.

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