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A Holiday Table that’s Perfect All Year Long

38" Equalizer Slide

During the holidays our friend Mike G. created the perfect holiday table. This stunning cherry table is the perfect table for Mike’s friends and family, not just during the holidays, but all year long. In fact, this table, with the help of table extension slides from Osborne Wood Products, can extend to seat up to 12 people! Here’s what Mike told us, “The table is made of cherry with 3 leaves, which store beneath the top.  When fully extended it will seat 10 comfortably and 12 in a pinch.  80 inches long closed and 104 when fully extended.”

For the project Mike chose the 38″ Equalizer Slide with a 37″ opening for this design (Part #9051). As you can see, the slides were a perfect fit! “The slides were attached to the table top, and then that structure was laid on the underneath frame.  The slides were secured to the underneath frame with screws attached from below.  The apron is just the right height to allow the slides to work smoothly. The large openings in the underneath frame allow maneuvering  room to place the leaves in for storage.   With the table top fully opened the leaves can be backed down through the openings and onto the frame from above. Green felt is attached to the underneath frame to provide a soft surface for the leaves.”

Thank you, Mike, for sharing your photos with us. Enjoy your beautiful table!

An extension table is great for seating everyone during the holidays. But it can also be used all year! This versatile table is a perfect example of the perfect dining table. Could you use an extension table like this one in your home? Be sure to add Osborne Table Extension Slides to your next design. You can view the full collection of quality, heavy duty slides HERE.

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