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Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the household. That’s where a family gets together to make meals or appreciate those who do. It’s where a lot of people say their first words of the day while groggily eating a bowl of cereal. The kitchen is a sacred space. A place where you get to practice your childhood dreams of being a chef, firefighter, and doctor all in one room. So why not make your kitchen all it can be?

Our friend Margaret shared pictures of her newly revamped kitchen, and oh boy is it amazing. She sure wasn’t afraid to see her kitchen’s full potential! Margaret used our Massive Fluted Islander Leg to give her kitchen island the support and detail it needed. She chose this leg in a lovely soft maple which ended up being perfect when she painted it a pearly white color. The contrast between the white island and the dark stone top perfectly complements the rest of her kitchen. Well done Margaret!! Now she’s ready to create meals that will last in the memories of her family forever.

Kitchen islands are an amazing way to complete your kitchen space. They can offer extra counter space, a lovely little breakfast nook, or just an extra place to set your keys! Revamp your kitchen island with our awesome Massive Fluted Islander Leg (Part # 1465) or try one of our other Amazing Island Legs that are specifically designed to give your kitchen the extra kick it needs.

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