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A Table the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Warren Ardoin Table

As we’ve said a hundred times, we love it when our customers share the projects they made using our projects. However, we absolutely love it more when we see customers team up with their friends or family to build something amazing. Today at Osborne we are over flowing with love! Our friend Warren sent us over a picture of the table he built with his brother in law!

Warren and his brother in law chose to use our Square Farm Dining Table legs to give their table the little kick they desired! This table is just absolutely stunning. Warren described their finish choice when he said, “We used Minwax Dark Walnut and sealed the table and legs with water based clear matte polycrylic.” Well guys all we have to say is job well done!!! This table is an excellent example of true craftsmanship.

We know this table will always have great memories attached to it and will inspire their future generations to get together and get building! Are you looking to bring your family together for an awesome home project? Look no further than Osborne Wood Products, Inc. We have several amazing dining table legs for you to choose from. Or check out our Square Farm Dining Table(Part #1141), like warren, and build an amazing rustic piece for your home.

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