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A Tradition of Woodworking

Husky Dining Table Leg and Country Bench Leg

Kevin Johnson has been partnering with us to create some beautiful tables. Kevin is a machinist by trade and got into woodworking when his grandfather passed away four years ago when he inherited his grandfather’s woodworking tools. He had learned about the art of woodworking from working with his grandfathers. Their investment in teaching him about woodworking created a lasting legacy in the work that Kevin creates now.

Woodworking is a fulfilling path to creating lasting memories. Many of us were introduced to woodworking by a parent or grandparent that offered mentoring, memories and skills. Kevin learned about the joy that is found in taking something ordinary such as a piece of lumber and turning it into something extraordinary – a lasting piece of art. These ordinary items combined with knowledge, time and patience have tremendous potential for beauty.

Wooden Tradition a work of art

Kevin’s favorite part of his part time furniture business is seeing people reactions to his work. We can understand the delighted responses he gets from those who are receiving the tables. His farm tables are a work of art.

Kevin was born and raised in Batesville Arkansas where he has lived his whole life. He and his wonderful wife, Tonya have been married for 16 years and have 2 children and 2 grandchildren. Kevin is carrying on the woodworking trade and would like to on day be able to open his own business making custom pieces for people.

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