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A Traditional Table Leg Perfect for the Contemporary Home

Traditional Farm Dining Table Leg and Husky Dining Table Leg
Traditional Farm Dining Table Leg and Husky Dining Table Leg

At Osborne Wood Products we have quite a wide array of dining table legs. In fact, when browsing our dining table leg collection, you’ll find over 60 different options that are available in up to 18 different wood species! Among this variety of styles you’ll find quite a diverse collection of farm style table legs. Some of our farmhouse legs, like the Husky Dining Table Leg (Part #1109) for example, are used by countless customers to create the perfect design. Meanwhile, other farm style legs are reserved for special occasion, for when a craftsman is looking for something a little different to create the perfect design.

The Traditional Farm Dining Table Leg (Part #1025) is one such design. This table leg is based on the raw simplicity of the original farm table. It features a strong design with minimal turnings. The turned elements of the leg, though few, are powerful yet understated. This table leg is an absolute classic that, when in the hands of a craftsman, is sure to turn heads!

Traditional Farm Dining Table Leg and Husky Dining Table Leg

Our friend Jason over at J&S Handcrafted Designs recently ordered this perfect farmhouse style leg. Jason used the Traditional Farm leg in a formal farmhouse table design. The table spanned 3.5 foot by 5 foot, just the right size for this 3″ wide table leg. The final result is a stunning table that is perfect for the contemporary home! Amazing work Jason! Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us!

Are you looking for the perfect farm style table leg? Look no further! Osborne Wood Products offers a wide variety of table legs that will perfectly match your next design. Start Building Today!

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