A Word From Osborne Employees

At Osborne Wood Products our utmost attention and focus is placed on High Quality and Customer Service. Whether you are calling for the first time to place an order, asking a technical question about a product or service, or receive a package from Osborne delivered to your home or office, you can expect top notch quality and service through the entire ordering process.

Meet Tim Smith. Tim works in the Production Department at Osborne Wood Products. One of Tim’s main goals is to create the perfect component for your project. Tim explains why he enjoys working at Osborne as well as his role in the Osborne experience. Tim and the team of individuals within the Production Department strive each day to bring high quality products at an extremely fast lead time!

Meet Lane Taylor. Lane is a Customer Service Representative at Osborne Wood Products. Interacting with customers to bring them the best possible ordering experience is one of the main goals in the Customer Service Department. Take a look as Lane explains her role at Osborne, and how the experience is both challenging as well as rewarding.

Exceptional Customer Service is a goal and standard company wide. CEO Leon Osborne recognizes the incredible importance of serving our customers above and beyond expectations. Mr. Osborne states, “A key goal, here at Osborne, is to serve our customers with an unmatched commitment to excellence in the marketplace.  I believe that it is a result of our teams working on effective production, world class customer service as well as same day shipping.”

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