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Abbotts at Home Blog Features Osborne Bench Legs

Here at Osborne Wood Products, Inc. we have pretty much devoted our lives to wood furniture components. We spend the whole work week (and some of our personal time) thinking about tables, table legs, and other wood components! We love our products, but more importantly we love to stand by and hype up our customers. The best part of our job is getting to see all of the ways our customers add a little bit of creativity to their lives when they build something with our products.

Abbotts at Home

 We like to team up with many bloggers from all across the United States to spread the love of craftsmanship and wood working. Today’s post is all about our friend Stephanie who is the creator and writer of the Abbotts at Home blog. You can read all about Stephanie and her mission on her blog. This particular blogger participated in Season Three of the IG Builders Challenge, and actually came home with second place. During the challenge, the builders created a unique product based on a few certain specifications. When they were done they posted a picture of their final pieces on Instagram using the specific hashtags. Osborne had the privilege of supporting this challenge by donating prizes to the top three winners. You can read more about this challenge and our contribution to it on our previous blog post.

Part of Stephanie’s prize was four of our Shanty to Chic Coffee Table Legs. With these legs, Stephanie created an amazing upholstered bench that would be perfect for almost any home. She posted the plans to this DIY in two parts on her blog (Part 1 and Part 2).  The great thing about our Shanty to Chic legs is that they were designed with a sleek style in mind. These legs are some of our most popular coffee table legs on our website! They feature simple details that won’t over power your space but will also give your project the perfect about of flare it needs.

Stephanie walks through the building process step by step in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Her end product is absolutely amazing. We love this so much some of us have thought about following Stephanie’s lead and building our own bench. We absolutely love this bench Stephanie, and we are so glad you enjoyed the legs enough to get creative and build something!

Check out our website for more amazing products like the Shanty to Chic Coffee Table Leg (Part #1331), and then check out Abbotts at Home to get inspired!

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