Add a Touch of Elegance to Furniture with Decorative Wood Inlays

Have you ever browsed the Decorative Wood Inlays selection from Osborne Wood Products? With over 25 intricately designed pieces to choose from, there are endless unique opportunities to enhance your interior design. Wooden inlays can be used as stunning additions to tabletops, cabinetry, picture frames, jewelry boxes, and more. The inlay strips are sold in a length of 1000mm and a variety of widths. Regardless of the inlay you choose, adding a decorative wood inlay to your furniture is bound to make it the focal point of the room! 

Scarlet King Inlay Strip

Part #893042
4/16" x 39 3/8"

Eurydice Inlay Strip

Part #893232
11/16" x 39 3/8"

To install a wooden inlay, you must first route a groove of the appropriate width and depth into your
desired piece using a straight router bit. Then, simply glue the banding into the groove. 

Rapunzel Inlay Strip

Part #893234
13/16" x 39 3/8"

Friendship Bracelet Inlay Strip

Part #893210
1 3/16" x 39 3/8"

We also carry square inlays! Featuring complex geometric patterns, these inlays add a customized elegance to your décor. 

Prairie Star Square Inlay

Part #893508
1 4/16" square

Bright Star Square Inlay

Part #893502
1 9/16" square

We would love to see you Build Something Beautiful with one of our decorative wood inlays, and
send us a photo of your creation so that we can share it with other do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists! 

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