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Amazing Custom Coffee Table Features Osborne Legs

As we’ve said probably a million times, the absolute best part about working at Osborne is getting to see all of the amazing projects our customers build using our products. We especially love getting to see fun and unique pieces that can’t just be recreated, and the project we got today definitely falls under that category.

Dwayne Keilman Table

Our friend Dwayne sent us over some pictures of the gorgeous custom coffee table he built using our Shanty2Chic Bench Legs. These legs are perfect for adding subtle detailing to any project. The bench leg features a top and bottom block, giving the piece a look and feel of strength and support, but that’s not the only amazing thing about this coffee table! This table was designed around an antique cast iron heating floor grate.

This is something you definitely won’t see anywhere else, and we love it!!! We love the creativity that went into repurposing something with so much character. Well done Dwayne!! This project definitely goes on our favorites list!

Do you have an antique or unique piece that you would like to re-purpose? Shop our collection of coffee table legs today, and get started thinking outside of the box! Maybe you want to follow Dwayne’s lead and add a little subtle detailing to your project; in that case, check out our Shanty2Chic Bench Leg (Part #1389)!

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