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An Entry Chest With a Splash of Osborne Basketweave

Today I would like to feature a beautifully hand made chest created by our friend Greg! Greg decided to create this gorgeous chest for his wife last Christmas and wanted to share with us and our readers. When Greg sent over the photos of his chest, it looked so perfect. Almost as though he had bought it from a furniture company that specializes in high end furniture. Which is completely understandable since he also owns a furniture company called Medici Custom Furniture.

To create this piece, Greg used out Large Basket Weave Half Dowel Molding (Part # 7209.36) for the two corner posts and our Basket Weave Molding (Part # 7413.96) for the top detailing. He chose to use Alder for this piece and we have to say that it turned out stunning! The stain that he used on this gorgeous piece of furniture make it all the more gorgeous because it seems to have darkened into the crevices of the basket weave detail to make it stand out even more.

Greg Nelson Entry Chest

“I wanted to create something with features that had special interest. When I went to your website I found exactly what I wanted. Everyone asks if I carved them, I always explain I bought them online at Osborne,” Greg says. “The piece ended up costing over$3,500 due in large part to the bow-front granite top, but it accomplishes exactly what I wanted. It’s the first thing that you see when come through the front door.” We love that this gorgeous piece is the first thing that Greg’s guests see and we hope that more will follow his lead to create their own gorgeous pieces of furniture!

Interested in creating something like this of your own? Check out our basket weave collection now!

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