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Balustrade Coffee Table Features Turnings from Osborne Wood

House of Wood Coffee Table Leg
House of Wood Coffee Table Leg

A coffee table can undeniably transform an entire room. There is something about the unique craftsmanship of a coffee table that gives a space the personality and character it needs to really make your home your own. Whether the table is painted, stained, wood or metal, the coffee table is a perfect addition to add both beauty and functionality to the home.

Our customer Eddie knows just how important a coffee table is to a home. Eddie builds furniture full time specializing in creating his customer’s dream living space. Eddie stumbled upon Osborne Wood Products in a Google search. He told Osborne, “First off i absolutely love Osborne Wood Products. I’m so glad my Google search put me on to you guys.”

Recently, Eddie used the Osborne Traditional Coffee Table Leg (Part #1332) to create this stunning Balustrade Table for his customer. Eddie told us that he had a client who had seen their dream table in a local designer store, but didn’t wanna spend thousands of dollars to get it. Eddie told us, “So this is what i came up with for her. It’s a beast. [This is] My version of an over-sized Balustrade Coffee table. It’s 5ft wide by 6ft long and 17″ tall, stained with a custom blend of Weathered Oak and Early American and sealed with 3 coats of a water-based satin finish.”

Stunning work Eddie! I’m sure your customer is extremely pleased!

Were you inspired by Eddie’s balustrade coffee table? Be sure to check out the Traditional Coffee Table Leg (Part #1332), as well as our other coffee table leg designs on our website! You can find the full collection of coffee table legs available Here.

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