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Balustrade Tables are One of A Kind

House of Wood Coffee Table Leg

Our friend Wilson recently submitted photos of beautiful balustrade coffee tables. Designed using the Traditional Coffee Table Leg (Part #1332), Wilson truly brought the design to life. With designs as unique as the home, these stunning tables add the perfect combination of style and functionality.

Here’s what Wilson told us about his Balustrade coffee table design:

“The gorgeous Reclaimed Balustrade coffee table combines the timeless beauty of baluster decor with the rustic charm of reclaimed timbers to compliment any style and taste. The piece is composed of solid pine and selectively stained to even further distress and accentuate the beauty of its natural imperfections. Because each board is hand selected, sanded and custom stained, each table becomes a work of art that will never again be replicated. The entire piece is then finished with a pine wax that’s silk to the touch and protects the wood from everyday wear and tear while allowing it to age naturally and beautifully.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself, Wilson! Beautiful work! Thank you so much for allowing Osborne to be a part of your stunning, one of a kind designs!

Could you see a table like this in your home? Be sure to check out the Traditional Coffee Table Legs for your next project!

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