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Bathroom Vanity using Osborne Kitchen Island Legs

Extended Wilmington Island Leg
Extended Wilmington Island Leg

A favorite among the Osborne Kitchen Island Legs is that of the Wilmington design. This versatile leg comes in three heights: 34 1/2″35 1/2″, and 40 1/2“. This leg has been specifically chosen by many of our customers to add simple, yet elegant detailing to the kitchen island. However, this stylish island leg design can be used in countless applications and designs.

Today, let’s take a look at one of the many uses of our Extended Wilmington Island legs. Gail R. of Illinois strategically chose two of the Osborne Extended Wilmington Island Leg (Part #1543) in Cherry. Gail used the legs in a beautiful vanity application. Here is what Gail had to say about the island legs: “[This] is a photo of  a little vanity I did with some legs I ordered from you guys.   The bathroom was too small for a standard vanity so this was easy and affordable.  Great product.” Thank you for the kind words Gail! And thank you for the photo!

Do you love this vanity as much as we do? Have you spent countless hours mulling over ideas for how to design an elegant vanity for a small space? Take it from Gail! Osborne’s kitchen island legsmay be just the right piece for your next vanity project. View our large selection of styles and sizes today!

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