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Beautiful Console Table Perfect for Almost Anything

Our friend Jeff over at J.Him Woodworking created a beautiful console table that is perfect for, well, anything really! This table features a stunning table top that he created himself and stunning skirt boards that bring the table together absolutely perfectly!

Jeff ordered our Wilmington Island Post to create this beautiful table and we think that it fits it flawlessly. Jeff is very excited about this table and we think we know why. This table suites its new home and stands out in its surroundings. It seems like one of those tables that is the centerpiece of the entire room!

Jeff is very excited about this table and wants to see everyone on Instagram liking this post. Check out his Instagram account HERE to see some of his other projects.

Want to create a table like this on your own? Check out our Wilmington Island Post (Part # 1408) to get started on yours today! Want one a little taller? Check out our 35 1/2″ Wilmington Island Post (Part # 1708) for a taller version of this table.

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