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Beautiful Pine Farm Table Using Osborne Table Legs

Massive Farm Dining Table Leg
Massive Farm Dining Table Leg

Envision your perfect dining table. Mine would be a large, natural wood table to seat my closest friends and family. The top would be a natural or slight stain finish to show off the wood grain, while giving the table a rustic texture. The legs would be large and strong to support anything from holiday dinners to the intensity of game nights. Yes, that would be perfect!

Let’s take a look at a table that matches this description beautifully. This table photo was submitted by Kenny N. of Fine Finish Furniuturein Beaufort, NC. Here is what Kenny told us:

“I own Fine Finish Furniuture in Beaufort, NC. One of my clients wanted a different style leg then what I offer and I referred them to Osborne Wood. They ordered the 5″ Massive Farm Dining Legs#1125 and had them shipped directly to me and I built a table around them. They ordered the Knotty Pine and I was pleasantly surprised that there were no knots in the wood. Thank you Osborne Wood for an awesome product!”

Massive Farm Dining Table Leg

Wow. What an amazing job Kenny. Thank you for sharing!

Be sure to check out more of Kenny’s work at Fine Finish Furniture by clicking HERE.

Do you love this design as much as I do? Why not add Massive Farm Dining table legs to your table design? Replace your current table legs or build your own table! With Osborne, the possibilities are endless.

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