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Bedside Bench out of Maple

The Coffee Table Legs & Brittany’s Burlap Create a Unique Bench for a Fraction of the Cost!

Brittany I. & her husband Dan from Tarzana, California, had been looking for the perfect bench to put at the foot of their bed, but everything Brittany found online was either unattractive or expensive. Through a fortuitous Google search, Brittany happened upon Osborne Wood Products, Inc. and immediately fell in love with the range of projects as well as the prices. Brittany ordered four English Country Coffee Table Legs (1320) in soft maple for the bench she had in mind.  Using a burlap sack she found for $15 and the coffee table legs from Osborne, Brittany’s husband Dan was able to create the great bench seen here. The entire project cost only $150 in supplies! Congratulations on a job well done, Brittany & Dan!

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