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Bentley Blonde Builds Farmhouse Style Bench

Do you remember our friend Wendy over at Bentley Blonde? A few years ago Wendy found our Husky Dining Table Legs(Part #1109) and used them to create a stunning farm style dining table. This year, Wendy designed and built a beautiful entry way bench featuring a smaller version of those Husky legs: the Country Bench Legs (Part #1329). As you can see, the bench is a flawless addition to Wendy’s home!

In her most recent blog post, Wendy shares a step by step tutorial for creating this beautiful bench design. Whether you’re dreaming of a country entry way with added storage, or a welcoming design to greet friends and family, this design is for you! You can get your free DIY tutorial on the Bentley Blonde Blog. And don’t forget to pick up your Country Bench Legs from Osborne!

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