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Bring Home Beautiful with our New Acrylic Table Leg Collection

Ebonized walnut coffee table with acrylic legs by DIB Woodworking. Legs provided by Osborne Wood Products.

As design trends lean more towards light and open, with open floor plans in high demand, we are excited to introduce our new line of acrylic legs! These legs are either completely or primarily made from clear acrylic, helping them practically disappear against your room’s design.

One thing we can all agree on here at Osborne is that the illusion of floating furniture this new collection achieves is as beautiful as it is unexpected. 

What do we have available in this collection?

For starters, we have cube and sphere feet in singles and sets of four in various sizes. There is also a conical foot, the Anna Ruby (#4022), and a turned-style foot, the DeSoto (#6180). Additionally, unlike many of our bun feet and furniture feet, our acrylic feet come pre-drilled, and the sets of four come with the hardware necessary to install them, as well.

Speaking of turned-style feet, we also now have an acrylic, turned-style leg: the Caledonia. The Caledonia leg pairs a traditional, turned style similar to so many of our wooden legs with acrylic, a very contemporary material. These legs, while primarily made of clear acrylic, do feature a solid wood top block to better conceal hardware and to blend in with your table or island.

The Caledonia is available in four sizes, Island (#342756), Dining (#342755), Coffee(#342753), and End (#342754) table heights, which is ideal for creating a truly modern, cohesive look. Additionally, these legs are available for selection with our custom skirt kits, so you can order your legs and get a skirt kit to match! Better yet, the Caledonia End Table leg was featured in a DIY tutorial by our good friend John over at Do It Better Woodworking. You can read that blog post here.


We also have the simpler cut acrylic leg, the Amicalola, currently available in Dining and Coffee table heights. This leg doesn’t feature a wood top block, but instead offers two compatible metal bands to hide the inner hardware while also staying well within the theme of modern and contemporary materials. Once again, we sent a set of legs to John and Do It Better Woodworking, and he turned this table into an absolute work of art.

Read the full blog post here.


That is quite a lot already, but hey, we aren’t done yet!

This collection is topped off with three more stunning additions: the Cascade, the Fairview, and the Solaris center.

The Cascade (#342033) is a 24.25” height, fully acrylic leg in a similar turned style as the Caledonia, just without the solid wood top block. 

The Fairview (#1104) is a unique leg, featuring a graduated sphere profile in the wood type of your choice and topped off with one of our spherical acrylic furniture feet.

The Solaris (#342654) isn’t a leg, but a decorative acrylic center. This piece is weight-bearing, small, and can be added to any table legs to achieve a clean, contemporary look we love. (See this piece in action on the Solaris Acrylic Legs, #2454 and #2754.)

What do you think? Are you ready to follow one of John’s tutorials? Want to try making a table of your own, or add these furniture feet to your sofa or chairs? Check out our full acrylic collection today!

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