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Build a Beautiful and Simple Table with Customizable Table Base Kits and Pre-Made Plank Tabletop Kits!

Build a beautiful table easily with Osborne's plank tabletop kits and customizable table base kits!

One of the cornerstones of Osborne’s product line is our expansive collection of table legs! We have hundreds of options to choose from in heights ranging from 18″ tall coffee table legs to 40 1/2″ tall kitchen table legs. There are endless opportunities for creativity just based on our leg selection alone, but we didn’t stop there. For the majority of our legs, you can also add a customizable table base kit that would include skirt boards, corner blocks, and hardware for attaching the skirt boards to the legs. When ordered with a skirt kit, our legs will come pre-milled The skirt boards also come with pre-drilled pocket holes along the top inner edge of each board for easy installation to your top. Additionally, our 3-sided skirt kits come with pocket holes pre-drilled on the inside edge of two of the skirt boars so you can easily install them to your existing structure, whether that’s a countertop, island, wall in your laundry room, or whatever you choose.

As the first set of videos in our brand new Builder’s Studio, customer service representative Sara demonstrates in two videos how to assemble one of our stock plank tabletop kits, then follows it up with assembling a table base kit customized using the form on our site.

For this build, Sara used our brand new Brighton coffee table leg in knotty pine and created a skirt kit to match our part 5910 rustic plank tabletop, which is 46″ x 25″. Our rustic plank tabletops are sold as kits rather than as a fully assembled top to help our customers save on shipping costs since most sizes of tops have to ship via LTL freight due to UPS and FedEx size and weight restrictions. Our plank top kits come with boards in various widths and each board is pre-drilled with both pocket holes and dowel holes, making assembly a breeze. They are also designed to be assembled without glue or clamps to better allow hobbyists and one-time builders the opportunity to build a beautiful table without having to invest in tools they may only use a few times, or worse, feeling discouraged and deciding not to build their project after all!

Check out the videos below for the full build tutorial:

Osborne Wood Products carries a diverse line of bench and coffee table legs. Our legs vary from the simpler Shaker and Mission styles to a lovely selection of turned legs, and even some that include delicate hand carving. Our table legs are available in at least ten wood types, sanded to 150 grit and ready to finish. These skillfully-crafted table legs are sure to find a home in your next design.

Coffee table legs come completely unfinished without any holes or hardware. However, with Osborne’s millwork and installation services you are guaranteed a perfect fit! Work directly with a customer service representative to determine if your table leg needs hardware installed, a chamfer, or other services to simplify your design process. Have your legs shipped ready to install and finish using the variety of services offered at Osborne. Customers can also order an entire table base kit from Osborne’s website custom made to fit their table top.

Build Something Beautiful with Osborne’s table legs, and then send us a photo of your creation so that we can share your creation with other table lovers!

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