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Mid-Century Modern design began in post-war America in the 1950s. The design industry began trying to break away from the stuffier traditional designs and move toward the modern era. It can be difficult to define, as it’s usually used in reference to architecture, furniture, and graphic design all in one. However, there are several hallmarks of mid-century modern that can make it easier to define.

Mid-century modern can most easily be identified by the abundance of round-tapered, often angled legs on sofas, chairs, coffee tables, side tables, desks, and more. These legs can sometimes feature metal caps, or ferrules, at the ends, and are made of wood, usually in a warm, rich medium to dark tone with a clear stain. This style also often features metal hairpin legs for a more updated look, as well as open shelving and creative designs.

If you’re ready to add a mid-century modern touch to your home decor, look no further than the simple addition of our component parts!

The Wheeler:

Currently, we offer a collection of simple round-tapered legs, the Wheeler family, at a variety of heights and in 15 different wood types. These can be found as short as 6″ tall for furniture feet and go up to 29″ tall for dining legs, plus we are able to make custom sizes, as well. Additionally, each stock height option comes in two varieties: one plain, and one with a brushed copper ferrule attached.

The Wheeler family of legs makes it easy to design a clean mid-century modern look that coordinates all throughout your home.

Hairpin Legs:

Another popular option for mid-century modern furniture is using metal hairpin legs. We currently offer our hairpin legs in sets of four at four different heights: 29″ dining height, 18″ bench height, and 10″ and 6″ furniture foot height. Right now, these legs are only available in a flat black finish, however we are working on adding more colors, as well as more styles of metal legs, very soon!

Ferrules & End Caps:

Ferrules and other styles of metal end caps are a popular option for many kinds of furniture, not just mid-century modern. These caps offer multiple benefits, including protecting furniture or flooring, offering a sturdy base, and elevating your furniture stylistically. Currently, we only offer two kinds of ferrules: the 911 is a wider, shorter model in a brushed aluminum finish, and the 912 is a narrower, taller model in a brushed copper finish. The 912 is also the same ferrule found on our Wheeler family of legs. Lastly, if you’re looking for a wheeled option, we have the 942, a brass cup caster with a small wheel.

Open Shelving:

Another popular design choice in mid-century modern furniture is open shelving. This design doesn’t dictate a single hanging method, and indeed multiple hanging methods can be found, however floating shelves are especially popular. Currently, we offer two floating shelf kits, one using a dowel system and the other using a bracket system. While the dowel shelf kit is only available in a 24″ length right now, the bracket shelf kit comes in three sizes, 22″, 34″, and 46″ lengths. Both of these kits are available in 10 different wood types, as well.

Lastly, one of the most important things to remember when building a piece of furniture or upcycling one you’ve found is to make sure you get all the parts you need. At Osborne, we offer a variety of hardware options to suit your various needs, including:

  • Multiple sizes of screw dowels and hanger bolts
  • Machine-threaded bolts and threaded inserts for leg or foot installation
  • Furniture leg mounting plates & blocks
  • Nylon furniture glides
  • And much more

We also offer 4″ x 1″ true stock in 48″ and 96″ lengths, ideal for use in building or updating furniture. When you really need wood but don’t want to go to the hardware store, just order it from Osborne.

Best of all, we are working hard to introduce a new line of mid-century modern products very soon, so be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook so you don’t miss out on the announcement when these products are released! We are excited to become your one-stop-shop for all your mid-century modern furniture component needs including mid-century modern dining table legs.

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