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Build a Puzzle Table for Convenient Storage

Are you looking for the perfect jigsaw puzzle table? We think we found it, and are very excited that some Osborne legs were used in the design of this very clever table! We wanted to thank Do It Better Woodworking for demonstrating how nicely our Square Farm Coffee table legs (part 1345) can support this masterfully-crafted piece of furniture.

You might be wondering why in the world you would need a special table just for puzzles, but the genius of this design is that the table doubles as a stylish coffee table when not being used as a puzzle table! So it doesn’t require any additional space in your home. And if you love to do puzzles, it can be a simple way to help you stay organized before, during and after puzzle time. Easy storage of puzzles or other small items in the four shallow drawers of the table will keep everything handy. Just open up each half of the top and it naturally rests on the side of the table on with easy-open hinges. Pull up the table to your sofa or nearby chairs, and you have a comfortable place to sit while you puzzle. And when you have to wrap up before the puzzle is done, just close up the 2 top sections over the partially-assembled puzzle and loose pieces, and everything is neatly preserved until you have time to puzzle again.

We are very excited to share the link to the build for this table with you that was provided by Do It Better Woodworking. Enjoy all of the inside tips and techniques that were used in the construction of this lovely piece of furniture:

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