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Cabinet Vision Update

Cabinet Vision Update
Cabinet Vision Update

Toccoa, GA. When designing custom cabinetry for a client, cabinetmakers can never have too many sources for quality wood components. Meeting the customer need is key, and providing the client with the exact style and material needed to complete the job is essential. Many cabinetmakers utilize CAD software, such as Cabinet Vision, to implement designs for their customers. Using a simple drag and drop feature, cabinetmakers and woodworkers are able to easily access available components and place them directly into their design.

To assist cabinetmakers in creating the perfect match for their clients, Osborne Wood Products offers a full product catalog in Cabinet Vision. The Osborne catalog can be easily uploaded into Cabinet Vision allowing users the ability to add quality wood components to their design. Components are categorized by type, allowing users to browse for the exact product needed in their project. Components include a part number, product name, and specifications on the piece. The report view allows users to collect information on all Osborne parts for simple and efficient ordering.

Osborne Wood Products has been diligently working on updating their catalog for the Cabinet Vision software. In January of 2014 Osborne has released the most comprehensive update in company history, including an addition to the catalog of over 350 products. The last update to Cabinet Vision by the company took place in 2009, making this update a true game changer.

CAD Specialist and Drafting Engineer Haden Smith commented on the project. “We are very proud to be able to offer this new update. It has been several years since our last Cabinet Vision release, and we are excited to have had the opportunity to work with the Catalog Development team at Cabinet Vision to make this release happen. I truly believe Cabinet Vision users will see a major difference and appreciate this update as well.” Cabinet Vision also commented on the update saying, “We are very pleased to be partnered with Osborne Wood Products and to provide an updated catalog for Solid that will benefit our mutual customers.”

All Cabinet Vision users are now able to upload the fully updated catalog of Osborne Wood Products to their software. The update is compatible with version 8 and can be downloaded HEREor on Cabinet Vision eSupport website. According to Cabinet Vision, the Osborne Wood Products catalog is the most downloaded catalog from the company.

Osborne Wood Products is a manufacturer and supplier of wood components located in Toccoa, Georgia. Osborne offers unfinished wood components to customers in the US, Canada, and internationally.

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