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Cabriole Legs the Perfect Fit for Whimsical Coffee Table

Cabriole Coffee Table Leg
Cabriole Coffee Table Leg

We just love seeing the stunning pieces of art our customers create. Combining natural elements to create stylish and functional pieces of furniture is truly an extraordinary talent! Today I would like to feature a table design that truly is artwork. Take a look:

Our friend Dale recently created this beautiful coffee table for his daughter. He told us, “I used the butt cut from a black cherry tree that was in my back yard.  I had the piece so long before working on it that it started to check.”

Cabriole Coffee Table Leg

He also added: “My wife picked out the cabriole legs from your site. She says it gives the table a whimsical look…a piece of art.” I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Dale’s wife chose the Cabriole Coffee Table Leg (Part #1390) for the table. Her impeccable taste resulted in a stunning piece that will be enjoyed for years to come!

Thank you for sharing your photos with us Dale! Beautiful work!

Are you creating a coffee table for your home? Are you working with a wood slab top? Explore our wide range of coffee table legs today to find the perfect fit for your design!

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