Casters add “Wow” factor to Coffee Tables and Chest

One of the best things you can do for your furniture, especially in smaller spaces, it to make it mobile. Simply add four heavy-duty wheels to the bottom of an island, a coffee table, an ottoman or even a plant stand. Simply move your items where you need them most–no heavy lifting!

We wanted to share some photos of some Osborne caster wheels that transformed each furniture item into something unique, attractive and functional. Check out these mobile coffee tables, crafted by Hartford House in Toccoa, GA:

This table uses our 6″ locking caster, part #4976, which has a flat black finish and a protective coating to shield floors from scrapes. These casters are simple to install with 4 screws, one in each of the pre-drilled holes for the casters. We think this table looks old and new at the same time, and is so versatile with its ability to easily move wherever needed. The possibilities are endless–move the table closer to the couch for jigsaw puzzle fun, or just to rest your tired feet on. Move the table against a wall for a party game, or for extra seating in the living room. Easy, functional, and stylish–wow!

Check out a similar table that uses a smaller caster to achieve the same thing–mobility and style! This smaller caster is Osborne part #4910, and has a 2″ wheel but easily handles the load of moving the table from point A to point B, and with vintage charm!

Another way that casters can add a dramatic impact to furniture is by dressing up a bulky, heavy storage chest. If you have ever tried to move one of these, you know how awkward, heavy and clunky they can be.

This chest was purchased for $20 over 20 years ago by LaNell, one of our customers in Spokane, WA. She refinished it and added some of our Osborne caster wheels part #4920 to the bottom of the trunk and voila! Instant style and mobility! She transformed the chest to an enjoyable treasure, and a lovely work of art (scroll to see all of the photos):

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