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Chair Legs Support Low Benches and Ottomans

Our customers can sure be innovative, and create some great furniture by applying our products in a non-traditional style. Consider these two lovely ottomans, both of which use some of our chair legs for support. The bench ottoman uses our 6″ tall Queen Anne corner legs, part 6140, and looks like just the right height and width for two people! And the taller blue ottoman on the right uses our 8″ tall Modern Sofa Foot, part 6136. This tall ottoman was fabricated by our friends at Richman Upholstery in Denver, CO. Both of these ottomans are great examples of the many ways that our parts can be used to make something beautiful!

With the strength and stability you expect from Osborne Wood Products, chair legs are no exception. Built with durability and style in mind, Osborne chair legs are a perfect fit for any number of chair styles and sizes. With sizes ranging from sofa and ottoman legs to large chairs and seating, the Chair Legs collection is full of designs to fit any project. Modern styles for sofas and smaller seating options are square turned with sleek lines for a simple look. More ornate designs can be found for chairs and sofas alike. For smaller furniture pieces such as ottomans, be sure to check out the furniture feet selection: featuring both Round and Square Furniture feet.

Do you need to replace old chair legs? Whether you are looking for a 4 inch, 8 inch, 12 inch, 17 inch, or any size leg in between, Osborne is your top source for quality turned chair replacement legs. All chair legs come unfinished and without any holes or hardware. This allows for versatility and incorporating each piece into your unique design!

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