Corbels & Brackets

Classical Corbels for Classic Kitchens

Kitchens, like cooking, are a way many people express their individual style.  Some are comforting, some are bold, and some are refined.  This beautiful kitchen island is from one that fits the later.

Beauty Tip 5

Our friend John sent it to us as part of the photo competition from a build he did up in Canada.  He used Osborne’s Extended Roman Island Height Corbels with Acanthus detailing (part #1506) to support the marble island top overhang.  He finished them in a simple white paint to match the marble tops and floors, and the white paneling.

The acanthus corbels give an elegant look to the classically simple marble adorning the top of the island.  The sleek curved lines blend easily with the straight, more architectural lines on the panels and cabinets, and give an attractive dimension to the white of the room.  The 7″ x 7.5″ top also provides plenty of strength for the island overhang!

(As a general rule, an easy guideline to follow when choosing corbels for support is that they  need to have a depth of at least half the depth of what they are supporting.  We also recommend placing them at least every 3 feet.)

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