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Colonial Coffee Table Legs the Perfect Support for Coffee Table

Colonial Coffee Table Leg
Colonial Coffee Table Leg

When you enter your living space what is the first thing that catches your eye? Is it a fireplace and mantel, decorated for the season or holiday? Or is it the beautiful decor throughout the space? Or is it the beautifully handcrafted coffee table, sitting delicately in the center of the space? When you walk into your living area, why not have a coffee table design that you just can’t help but look at? A beautiful, natural wood piece offering grace and functionality to the room.

Here is a great example of a coffee table that would delightfully catch your eye! The table is a stunning, country style table, that features hand crafted design. This table comes from Jill D. Jill chose the Colonial Coffee Table legs (Part #1321) in knotty pine for this project. The legs were finished a light off-white to contrast the dark stained table top. As you can see, the table turned out absolutely beautifully! I know I would love a table like this in my living room!

Jill also told us that she has plans to build a matching end and console table! We can’t wait to see the finished tables!

Could you see a table like Jill’s in your living space? Now you can! Check out the Colonial Coffee Table Legs from Osborne, as well as our other styles to find the perfect match for your home. Start building your perfect coffee table today!

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