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Contemporary Dining Leg Adds Elegance to Custom Vanity

Beautiful Vanity and Tufted Stool features Osborne’s Part 1199–Contemporary Dining Leg

We just can’t get over how stunning this vanity looks, using our simple tapered dining legs. Our Instagram friend nailhed66 shared this photo with us to prove that dining legs aren’t just for the dining room!

The crisp metal ferrule at the bottom of the leg is a brushed copper finish, and really sets of the narrow, tapered ends of the leg, and look brilliant next to the creamy white legs of the vanity. A vanity drawer features convenient storage and access, while the charming stool completes the ensemble, creating an inviting look that draws you in for a closer look.

We love the neutral colors, elegant accessories, and beautiful window treatments that frame the vanity with luxurious ambiance. A big thanks to nailhed66 for the creativity and DIY craftsmanship that brought this vanity from idea to reality.

Wow your friends and family with your sense of style and design! Our collection also features a matching leg without a ferrule (Part #1197), and even a 6″ tall matching bun foot (Part #4174) that includes the metal ferrule.

Part #1197 (no ferrule)
Part 4174 (with ferrule)

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