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Corbel & Bracket Services

Corbel & Bracket Services
Corbel and Bracket Services

At Osborne Wood Products, all Standard Corbels and Brackets will come unfinished and without any hardware. In order to make your project easier, Osborne offers services specifically for Corbels and Brackets that can be added to your order.

Please note that all orders with any of the following services added will be considered ‘Custom‘ and are not eligible for return.

You will need to order your products with these services through our Customer Service Department by calling 1-800-849-8876. Services cannot be done online.

Services for Corbels & Brackets:


Industrial Hanger Installation– Our corbels come standard with keyhole brackets for hanging. However, for some projects a stronger method of installation may be needed. For this reason, Osborne offers Industrial Hanger installation services. Our industrial hangers are part #955HW. For corbels with a back surface less than 11” one hanger is used. For a surface greater than 11” two hangers would be installed. The installation service charge is $10.00 per hanger, plus the cost of the hanger (Part 955HW).

Install Metal Keyhole Bracket– Corbels may be used in various projects. For some projects, you may need to flip the corbel and have keyhole brackets on what would originally be the top of the corbel. We can add keyhole brackets to the top of the corbel for you to assist you in completing your design. One to two brackets will be needed (depending on the depth of the corbel). The rule of thumb is that 1 bracket is used for corbels with a depth less than 8”. For a depth greater than 8”, two keyhole brackets will need to be installed. The cost is $5.00 per bracket.

Are you unsure of what you need in order to finish your project? Call our friendly Customer Service Representatives at 1-800-849-8876. They will help you determine what service will be the best option for your design!

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