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Creative Decor using an Osborne Furniture Foot

Acanthus Leaf Round Bun Foot
Acanthus Leaf Round Bun Foot

With the holiday season approaching my mind is racing with all the things to get done! From decking the halls to finding just the right recipe, prepping for holiday gatherings is both exciting and sometimes a little stressful. So I’m looking for help! Wouldn’t it be perfect to have some great DIY decor ideas for not just the holidays, but all year!? I think so.

Today, I want to share with you an awesome idea our customer, Clyde, shared with us. Clyde used a hand carved Acanthus Leaf Round Bun Foot (Part #4004) for this design. As you can see, this creative design features a finished bun footthat has been “repurposed” into a candle holder. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing your photo, Clyde. This is definitely going on my to do list!

Imagine the vast amount of designs you can come up with by using a simple bun foot! Anything from contemporary to classic and elegant designs can be achieved with furniture feet from Osborne. I can see these candle holders now; the center piece of a lovely floral bouquet for spring, pine for winter, and fall leaves for autumn. If this idea sparks your creative interest design your own candle holders. And be sure to send me a photo of the finished product! I’d love to feature them!

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