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Crown Molding adds Beauty to Cabinet Remodel

Basket Weave Crown Molding

I have an old dresser in my home that could really use some TLC. The design is stunning, but the piece is outdated. Browsing sites and blogs I’ve found some really great ideas for how to dress up the piece and give it new life. It’s exciting to see a repurpose and upcycle project come together!

Basket Weave Crown Molding

Today, I’d like to feature a project design sent in by Kim. Kim had a cabinet that was a beautiful piece, that she has revamped and added amazing detail to. Here is a photo of the cabinet before the upcycle (right). This beautiful wood cabinet is intricately designed and very functional. Why replace a great piece like this when you can transform it? Let’s see what Kim’s new cabinet looks like.

Basket Weave Crown Molding

Kim came to Osborne to order the Basket Weave Crown Molding (Part #7453). The intricate hand carved detailing now graces the top of this beautiful pieces. The carved design adds delicate detail, texture, and character. The molding also comes unfinished, allowing Kim to finish it to match perfectly! Amazing work Kim! Thank you so much for sharing this design! Enjoy!

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