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Custom Skirt Makes Cozy Table

Wilmington Island Post

A trendy item many people have been asking about this past year is a skirt for a table that will attach on one side to a wall.  Our friend John recently sent us a picture of his table in this style for us to share.

Wilmington Island Post

As you can see, the skirt is a normal three sided skirt with a beaded edge and two supporting legs.  However, when the three sided skirt is going to be attaching to the wall, pocket holes are added in the ends of the boards that will be touching the wall.  This allows it to be easily assembled and also makes it much more stable.  Another method some people use to add strength to the table is to add an extra board between the ends of the two boards that are against the wall.  This can then be used to put more screws into the table top and also into the wall.

John used Osborne’s Wilmington Island Post (part #1408) for his legs, which provided plenty of support with only two legs thanks to their 3.5″W top blocks.  He got the legs and skirt both in our soft maple, which provided a clean and smooth surface for the classic white paint he finished them in.  This leg is an elegant yet traditional design, and one of our most popular kitchen island legs due to it’s wide versatility.  The legs can fit into English country, rustic, arts&crafts, traditional, modern, and even shaker room styles with ease.

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