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Custom Table Base Kits- Limitations and Opportunities

Custom Table Base Kits
Custom Table Base Kits

When building a table it is important to have a solid base. At Osborne Wood Products, we offer table base kits to support your unique designs! Our table base kits include legs of your choice, apron, corner blocks, and all necessary hardware for putting together the skirting set. (Kits do not include hardware to mount the table top).

The legs come mortised and ready to receive the tenons of your side aprons. They are also installed with threaded hanger bolts for installation of the legs. Aprons are pre-drilled to receive the hardware included in the kit.

Aprons are milled to 4” x 1” dimensions. These aprons include a beaded edge, rounded edge, or square edge of your choice. (The edges do not affect the cost of the skirting set).

For a standard table or island skirt, simply enter your information on our website. Click Here for the table base kit page. 

At Osborne Wood Products we understand that projects and designs can vary, making the requirements unique to each design. We want to make these projects happen for you! Our skirting sets are customizable to work with the style and design you want. (Note that any order for kits outside of the standard design must be place with a customer service representative by calling 1-800-849-8876).

Our apron pieces can be between 3” and 6” tall. The thickness of the apron piece can vary up to 1 ¾” thick.

Our standard kit allows for an apron of up to 100 inches in length. Depending on the wood type a larger apron may be possible. (Call our customer service for limitations and wood type options at

Adjustments may also be made to the mortise of your skirting set. Our team will work with your design and specifications to create just the right skirting for your table!

But what if the table is heavy? All of our legs are designed to be load bearing. The wider the leg the more weight it is able to bear. More legs can also be added to the design of your skirting set. Table kits can include 4, 6, 8 or more legs to help support the weight and design. A center leg may also be used to support a heavy table. If your table apron length is greater than 96” (and is supporting a heavy table top) a center leg is recommended to prevent sagging in the center of your table.

Custom legs may also be used in our table base kits! Just request a quote from our friendly customer service department!

No matter what type of table top you are working with, our custom designs may offer a quality solution to your table base needs. Don’t have a table top in mind? Osborne Wood Products also make Table Tops! Call our customer service department for your custom table top quote today!1-800-849-8876

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