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Dining Legs Make Great Coffee Tables Too!

Grand Tavern Dining Table Leg

If you can’t find the exact furniture piece you need, there is nothing anymore to keep you from building it yourself!  And that is just what our friend Gary did to make sure his wife had the table she wanted.

Grand Tavern Dining Table Leg

Gary’s wife wanted a coffee table that could also fit over her legs to make it easier when she worked on puzzles in the living room.  Most coffee table legs would, of course, be too short for that.  But Gary didn’t let that stop him!  He ordered Osborne’s Grand Tavern Dining Table legs (part #1401) in red oak, the cut some off the top of each one.  To make it the perfect height, he cut the rounded bottoms off the legs to shorten the bottom square portion, then reattached the round bottoms.  He made the apron and cross supports out of red oak to match, then assembled them with pocket screws and glue.  To insure it was sealed securely, it was stained and given three coats of polyurethane.  The top was three clear pine boards that he used glue and pocket screws to make into a single piece.  He primed it, then painted it black and wiped blue paint across the surface with a rag to reach the look his wife wanted.  The paint was finished over with a water based poly to protect it from chipping and the elements.

Grand Tavern Dining Table Leg

The Grand Tavern Legs are a classic piece with historical elements reminiscent of America’s heritage and cultural ‘Tavern Tables’.  The rounded turns give this leg an easy silhouette to put into any room style, and the red oak’s strong grain gives an strong visual appeal through the clear stain.  To be more versatile, the leg is offered in a narrower 2″W top block (part #1400) in addition to this leg’s top block width of    2 3/4″.  It is also offered in over 10 other wood types, including paintgrades, staingrades, and specialty woods.

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