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Dining Table Extends to 16 Feet with Osborne Table Slides

Customer Arjuna S. of Burnaby, British Columbia, had been searching for a convenient way to increase the size of a dining room tablefor entertaining purposes and was thrilled to discover Osborne Wood Products, Inc. Though Arjuna lives in Canada, ordering was hassle-free since all of the border fees and taxes were figured up front so that nothing was owed once the order arrived.

Arjuna ordered a pair of 48 inch long table slides with a 120 inch opening (9061) for a four-legged dining room table. The table, originally 100 x 40 inches when closed, now opens to a beautiful 16 feet x 8 inches to allow for plenty of seating for all of Arjuna’s guests. The solid black walnut table has a tabletop an inch and a quarter thick, but the table slide is more than capable of supporting it. Thanks, Arjuna, for the great photos, and enjoy your entertaining!

Do you enjoy hosting dining parties, game nights, or just an evening with friends or family? Extend your table for an even more comfortable space for your guests! Osborne Wood Products offers various sizes of Table and Equalizer Slides to fit your table.

Are you unsure of what table slides are right for your project? Our friendly customer service representatives can assist you in finding the perfect table or equalizer slide today. 1-800-849-8876

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